Genetics and health are factors in healthy hair. Proper nutrition is important for hair health.Eating a full diet that contains protein, fruits, vegetables, fat, and carbohydrates is important,because  any deficiency will typically show first in the hair.. A balanced diet is extremely necessary for a healthy scalp and furthermore healthy hair.Following are some essential food for healthy hair.

1-Kidney Beans:

Kidney beans are an excellent source of essential hair care nutrients. Along with protein, kidney beans are a rich source of iron, zinc and biotin. Protein helps strengthen the hair strands and promotes hair growth. Biotin is also essential for optimum hair health and its deficiency can cause brittle hair.Many Dietetic Association recommends three or more cups of kidney beans each week to enjoy stronger, shinier and thicker hair.Kidney beans can be added to salads, casseroles and side dishes. You can also puree them into dips and spreads.

2-Quinoa & Oatmeal:

Quinoa and oatmeal are extremely good for your hair. Loaded with protein, quinoa aids in strengthening hair strands. In fact, the protein extracted from this grain is used in high-quality hair products.Plus, the vitamin E present in quinoa balances the production of natural oil so the scalp and hair stay properly moisturized and free of dandruff. Quinoa also has biotin, niacin, and vitamins B6 and B12 that are all vital for hair growth.Quinoa has a nutty, earthy flavor and is great in stews and curries. It is also perfect for adding to salad or baked goods.
Eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is a great way to start a day off right. Oats are highly nutritious and an excellent source of B vitamins, zinc and copper, some of the most important micronutrients for preventing hair loss. They are also a great vegetarian source of dietary protein. Before eating oats, soak them for several hours. Untreated oats, like other grains, contain phytic acid which can block the absorption of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc in the intestines. Soaking allows enzymes to break down and neutralize phytic acid and thus improve the nutritional value of oats.

3-Broccoli and Spinach:

Broccoli is a rich source of vitamins A and C, which help produce sebum. Sebum is the oily substance secreted by hair follicles and works like a natural hair conditioner. Plus, broccoli is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids that are required for healthy hair growth.To take full advantage of the nutrients present in broccoli, eat raw broccoli heads as a snack or in salad three or four times a week.
Spinach is one of the best dietary sources of beta-carotene . It also contains iron which helps carry oxygen to the hair. To maximize the absorption of iron from spinach, add vitamin C rich foods to your meal as it enhances the absorption of non-heme iron (the type of iron contained in spinach). Spinach also contains vitamin E and vitamin B6.

4-Almonds :

Nuts like almonds, pecans, cashews and walnuts are good for your hair. But almonds are considered the best for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.Almonds are loaded with zinc that plays a key role in maintaining healthy circulation in the scalp, which in turn provides shiny, healthier, well-moisturized hair.Almonds also contain a high level of omega-3 fatty acids that add shine and volume to your hair. Being rich in vitamin E, almonds also help prevent split ends and promote growth of healthy hair.Keep a small bag of dry roasted almonds with you and eat them as snacks whenever you feel hungry. You can also soak two or three almonds in one-half cup of water overnight. In the morning, peel the skin and eat them.

5-Sunflower seeds and Sesame seeds:

Sunflower seeds contain plenty of hair loss preventing nutrients including protein, zinc, selenium, biotin, potassium, copper, iron, B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium and calcium. They are also high in omega-6 fatty acids.You can eat a handful of raw sunflower seeds to encourage healthy hair growth. You can also sprinkle some sunflower seeds on salads and steamed vegetables, or mix them into baked dishes. Avoid eating them in excess, though because of their high calorie and fat content.
Black sesame seeds, which are used as a remedy for hair loss in China, are an excellent source of both copper and zinc.


6-Carrots and Sweet potato:

You can reduce your hair loss  by regularly consuming sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also one of the most nutritious vegetables and packed with nutrients that help prevent hair loss. The pink, orange, and yellow varieties are one of the most concentrated dietary sources of beta-carotene (the more intense the color, the more beta-carotene), but sweet potatoes also contain plenty of vitamin C, copper, and iron. In addition, sweet potatoes contain come unique root proteins which, according to some preliminary studies, have significant antioxidant properties.
we already know that carrots are good for eye sight, but did you know that they are also great at controlling hair loss. Carrots are one of the best natural sources of beta-carotene, an important nutrient that promotes healthy hair due to its antioxidant properties as well as its role as a precursor to vitamin A. A deficiency of vitamin A has been linked to hair loss and thinning hair. In order to obtain the most beta-carotene, choose carrots with a deep orange color as they typically contain the highest levels of beta-carotene. Further, steaming carrots slightly can improve the availability of beta-carotene contained in carrots.

7-Green Tea:

Green tea is well known for its role in supporting weight loss, but few people are aware that green tea may help prevent baldness and hair loss. A specific polyphenol found in green tea (the so-called (-)epigallocatechin-3-gallate) has been shown to modulate the production and actions of androgens and other hormones. Consequently, it has been hypothesized it could be useful for the treatment of hormone-related baldness.

8-Wheat Germ:

Wheat germ is packed with nutrients that are thought to promote hair growth. It is one of the best dietary sources of vitamin E and an excellent source of dietary zinc. It also delivers a decent amount of vitamin B6 which is promotes the absorption of zinc from the intestines. Moreover, wheat germ is a fairly good source of copper. Try adding wheat germ to breads, cereals, smothies, milk shakes, cakes or pancakes, it makes a highly nutritious, yet undetectable addition.When storing wheat germ, keep in mind that it goes rancid fast because of its unsaturated fat content. To optimize the shelf life of this great anti-baldness food, store it in a sealed container in a cool, dry place away from exposure to the sun.


Eggs are powerhouses of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids that nourish the hair extensively. The egg is a great solution to most of the hair problems, and they are easily available, inexpensive and are natural alternatives that can be used both internally and externally for hair growth. Eggs make the hair strong, prevent breakage, make them soft and help in their growth. While artificial products strip the hair of its natural oils, eggs help to restore the natural oils present in the hair and scalp. This is what makes the egg for hair loss and egg for hair fall remedies so popular.


Paprika is packed with beta-carotene and vitamin E. It is also one of most vitamin C rich spices. Further, it is one of the most concentrated sources of B vitamins, particularly of vitamin B2, vitamin B9, and vitamin B6 (a mere tablespoon of paprika powder provides 14% of the recommended daily intake for vitamin B6). In addition to preventing hair loss, vitamin B6 helps the body produce melanin which gives the hair its color. On top of all that, paprika contains a substantial amount of iron which ensures that the hair gets enough oxygen.

Essential Food For Healthy Hair

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