Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from camellia sinensis leaves.  Several  varieties  of green tea exist, which differ substantially because of the variety of C. sinensis used, growing conditions, horticultural methods, production processing, and time of harvest.Green tea has many health benefits like it is used medically  to control the blood pressure, antioxidant property, stimulate digestive process, helps in fighting cancer, it also helps in reducing the heart diseases and so on.Lets have a closer look about the health benefits of green tea.

1:Controlling of cardiovascular disease:

Daily consumption of green tea is associated with the lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases,as it helps in reduction of cholesterol in the blood  which contribute to lower the risk of heart strokes and improves the blood circulation in all parts of body.Drinking a cup of green tea each day is associated with 5% lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.As green tea lowers the cholesterol level which lead to purification of blood, ita an great alternative for medications that may have harmful side effects.

2: Cleansing properties:

Green tea helps in cleansing many organs in body, one of biggest organ in our body is liver. Drink a cup of green tea per day speed up the functioning of liver and it will add in to digestive process,thereby allows your body to function optimally and have more energy.

3:Mode inhanser:

You won’t feel sluggish if your liver is functioning well and you’ll even notice your overall mood is improved because your brain is getting clean blood.

4:Improves the digestive process:

Green tea is well known digestive stimulants. it reduces intestinal gas and help to improve the digestion. as digestion is most important aspect of over all body health, if digestion process is effected that leads to many digestive problems such as chronic constipation, acidity that may leads to ulcer, and gas .many of these problems can be improved by consumption of green tea.

5:Helps in weight loss:

There are no scientific evidence that green tea aids in weight loss directly, but consumption of green tea can help to improve your whole metabolism of the body, and once your metabolism is working fine that leads to increasing rate of fat burning as well as sugar consumption and you will feel more energetic and finally it helps to boost your metabolism and that leads to  reducing your over all  body fat.


Daily consumption of green tea lead to reduction of joint and muscular pain as green tea provides all the vitamins and minerals and you body will not be in flamed.

Side effects of Green tea:

Regular , moderate and habitual consumption of green tea  is safe but over consumption may leads to over functioning of liver .


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