Cooking variety of foods is easier than said. It always takes the intelligence of the home maker to think various ways and means to cook healthy, tasty food for the family apart from adapting tricks to save some time.Here are some tips which can save  time, apart from making food delicious, tasty and interesting.

Soft Chapati:

Adding a little milk or warm water, to the dough of Indian bread or Chapatti makes help softer breads or chapattis. The dough has to be kept aside for around half an hour after kneading.


Adding a few drops of any cooking oil when the rice is being cooked, not only makes the rice fluffy but also prevents the rice by getting sticky. The starch content in the rice will be gone if oil is added to the rice.

Cooking Pasta/noodles:

While cooking pasta or noodles, run the pasta or noodles under cold water so that the pasta doesn’t get stuck to each other and the dish turns out to be tasty.

Peeling Of Hard Boil eggs:

Salt in water to boil the eggs. When they are done boiling, drain off hot water and run cold water over them until the eggs get cold. Crack each egg against kettle just enough to make a few cracks in shell. Let eggs sit in cold water about 10 minutes and peels usually ,peel off fairly easy.

Peeling Of Boiled Potatoes:

First, boil a pot of water, then take a sharp knife and score the skin around the middle of each potato (don’t cut too deeply), making sure both ends of the score connect. Put the potatoes in a medium-size pot, cover them with boiling water from the kettle, and cook until they’re done, usually about 20 minutes.
Drain the water into another pot (use this water for reheating the potatoes) and keep the potatoes in the first pot. Run the potatoes under cold water for a few seconds. Take a potato in both hands and gently pull or peel the skin off. It works like magic.


Tips And Tricks For Easy And Delicious Cooking

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