About the Website

No doubt Indian Food / Culinary is unmatched in the world due to its richness, traditions and variety. Every state boasts of its vibrant food traditions that are based on seasons, festivals, celebrations, weddings, fests and fasts.

No matter what the season is or the occasion may be, the Indian kitchen has a menu for it. This website is in no way a complete representation of all the dishes of Indian recipes, but a genuine attempt to cover the popular, the best and diverse cuisines from various part of the country  (INDIA).

Safar Zaike ka –  Journey of Taste (Safar meaning Journey;  Zaike meaning Taste.)

This website brings together delectable recipes, tried and perfected in my kitchen.

Almaas Husain

About the Author

Almas Almashussain

My journey to cooking starts from the days of my childhood, being a daughter of a banker – transferred to cities every few years, I got my first hand experience to the different foods, recipes, vibrant traditions and cultural knowledge while living at these places. Coincidentally this journey didn’t stop there, but continued further even after marriage; Getting married to a IT professional made me to travel various places inside and outside India.

Travelling outside India was but obvious that we would miss the food and spices that we are used to. Like many Indians – we both are spice lovers, so we preferred home cooked with spices and this gave me a opportunity to test my knowledge and enhance my love for cooking.

While we are still living abroad, I get opportunity to meet lot of  Indians – who now value the Indian Taste & Food culture, I meet people/ friends from different states and places of the country. No doubt the best way to connect with people quickly is Food – with food as a medium, its like sitting at one place, and having a roller coaster ride to different parts of India. I got the opportunity to cook food & also taste food. This inspired me log my Journey of Taste – of the popular, the best and diverse cuisines from various part of the country into a website (www.safarzaikeka.com)

Each recipe in this website has been made, photographed, video personally by me. This website is a small attempt for my love to cooking..


Almaas husain